‘A’ Inferno

April 22, 2012
Baad Ideas

Long before I read the classics, my parents claimed that I ‘played with fire’. A puzzling statement, as ‘playing with …Read the Rest

Stick in the Mud

April 21, 2012
Baad Ideas

Change a single letter of a word to make a brand new word, then place it in a sentence and …Read the Rest


April 20, 2012
Baad Ideas

Since any early covetous thoughts of ‘cow tipping’ (actually an impossibility in San Francisco due to the lack of bovines …Read the Rest

Money Tree

April 19, 2012
Baad Planning

Bill caught me out in the yard the other day staring blankly at the pepper tree. (Again, I say: do …Read the Rest

Close Encounter of the Furred Kind

April 18, 2012
Baad Moments

It was a dark, dismal day. The kind of day when an exasperated work-at-home spouse banishes her companion to monthly …Read the Rest

A Drive in the Country

April 17, 2012
Baad Ideas

It’s a lovely day – the kind of day after a rain when the early spring sun breaks forth through …Read the Rest

For Sale: Earth Station Included

April 16, 2012
Baad Opinions

Don’t get me wrong: I love my house in the country. Its 1500 square feet of maintenance includes the obstinately …Read the Rest

Diorama Dialogues

April 14, 2012
Baad Ideas

There are few hallmarks of early education that stick to the memory as much as my discovery (and exploitation) of …Read the Rest

Diane’s Downloadable Nap

April 13, 2012
Baad Ideas

Computers are miraculous things with plenty of potential for amazement and lots of email connection with friends. Couple that with …Read the Rest

A Lawn Story

April 11, 2012
Baad Jobs

It is Spring. The grass is growing about a foot a day in celebration of seeing the sun after a …Read the Rest