My Baad

…in the beginning there was a baaad little girl who dreamed of being: an astronaut, a deep-sea diver, an archaeologist (ONLY making the bigger, baaader discoveries, like the hitherto-unfound Atlantis), a rocket scientist, an astrophysicist, a writer, an Exotic Animal farmer, a world explorer, and much more.

She enlivened her parents’ lives with many baad exploits and even though they thought some of her ideas were baaad, she persisted in making her dreams (sometimes-frightening) reality.

She married The Peanut Gallery at age 19 and thus began world journeys to: The Amazon, Africa, Australia, England, Mexico, Canada, Indonesia, and more.

She has walked on a glacier and swum with pink dolphins in the Amazon, walked on water (when piranha were subsequently identified), swum with manatees in Florida, and always has a few baaad ideas up her sleeve.

In 2012 My Bad Sheep came to live with The Peanut Gallery and is bringing with him many new baad-ass ideas!

Baad Boy!!