The Back 40

I Touched a Steer and I Liked It!

January 16, 2014
The Back 40

For most kids, it’s Clown Fear that follows their footsteps in life, plaguing dreams with big floppy feet and glaring, …Read the Rest

One Door Closes, Another Opens

November 29, 2012
The Back 40

The National Weather Service predicted a deluge for our area, so I was not surprised to wake up to clouds. …Read the Rest

Forbidden Love

November 16, 2012
The Back 40

It was The Peanut Gallery who scored a win with his ‘alternative science’ premise on this one. Factoid #1: Tom …Read the Rest

The Deer Chronicles

September 29, 2012
The Back 40

When you live on acres of land, you get used to mysterious, unsolved deaths. I’m talkin’ the occasional deer, fox, …Read the Rest

Coons Just Wanna Have Fun

September 14, 2012
The Back 40

Our raccoons are nocturnal and playful – and we have provided them with an outdoor amusement park. For years the …Read the Rest

I Fought the Moths and the Moths Won

September 13, 2012
Baad Moments

Battle lines were drawn on August 25th.  And on Diane’s Calendar of Daze a new holiday was penned in. Moth …Read the Rest

Running Porks

September 4, 2012
Baad Moments

When answering queries from non-English language speakers about the oddities of our language, nothing stymies the process more than plural …Read the Rest

The Hummingbird Wars

September 1, 2012
Baad Science

The human world subscribes to the adage “if you build it they will come”, but the Hummer world subscribes to …Read the Rest

Jet-Puff’s New Home!

August 25, 2012
Baad Ideas

Living rurally, I have seen MORE than a few varieties of: cow, goat, sheep, rooster…enough to have become jaded on …Read the Rest

Osiris: The Original Baad Sheep

August 15, 2012
Baad Moments

Many people believe sheep are inherently stupid.  Farmers, for example, will readily recount numerous supportive examples. But Osiris was different. …Read the Rest