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Yes, False Santas – There ARE Rudolphs!

December 20, 2012
Baad Ideas

…we all know the story: a sad tale of a different little deer picked on by the In Crowd, who …Read the Rest

Stealth Mode

October 5, 2012
Baad Opinions

TPG is reading EVERGLADES PATROL by Tim Shirley, which features a glaring incongruity when it blatantly mentions the possibility of …Read the Rest

The Hummingbird Wars

September 1, 2012
Baad Science

The human world subscribes to the adage “if you build it they will come”, but the Hummer world subscribes to …Read the Rest

Open Letter to a Former Colleague Re: Squid Ink Factory Start-up OPPORTUNITY!!

June 5, 2012
Baad Ideas

8/8/2003 To: Pat Re: Squid Tanks: A Glaring Opportunity!! Pat – Whilst visiting the company’s Palatial Estates today, I noted …Read the Rest

Space: The Final Frontier

May 26, 2012
Baad Opinions

Space: the final frontier. Especially for the advertising industry, always in search of new stellar markets… Some Background: Those who …Read the Rest

Things That Go Pee in the Night

May 25, 2012
Baad Science

My recent Yosemite adventure was spiced by a Yurt Experience of the Turd Kind. Yurts are adorable. They are roomy, …Read the Rest

Raccoons for Sale

May 22, 2012
Baad Moments

Conversation over morning coffee….: Peanut Gallery: GREAT … the compost needs to be buried and my back’s not in any …Read the Rest

Food As Missiles: A Military Analysis of Effective Deployment

May 19, 2012
Baad Ideas

To my credit, I have amassed many skills in over 50 years of food fights and impulse-ridden battles: enough to …Read the Rest

A Suitable Display

May 17, 2012
Baad Moments

I guess my inner city roots will always show. I turned a corner in Yosemite to espy what my eidetic …Read the Rest

Protons, Electrons & Futons

May 7, 2012
Baad Science

Particle physics: you gotta love it. Its effect on my relationship with The Peanut Gallery is both uncontestable and unheralded. …Read the Rest