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The Boston Tea Party’s Act II

July 27, 2012
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In Days of Yore there was TeaTime: a mid-morning (and mid-afternoon) affair that often involved: little sandwiches, salads, sweets, ‘finger …Read the Rest

Open Letter to a Former Colleague Re: Squid Ink Factory Start-up OPPORTUNITY!!

June 5, 2012
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8/8/2003 To: Pat Re: Squid Tanks: A Glaring Opportunity!! Pat – Whilst visiting the company’s Palatial Estates today, I noted …Read the Rest

Take It to Work Day

April 30, 2012
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Around the time I quit the world of 9-5’s 2-hour rushhours, the Workplace became infused with “Take Your ____ To …Read the Rest

A Lawn Story

April 11, 2012
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It is Spring. The grass is growing about a foot a day in celebration of seeing the sun after a …Read the Rest

Bake Sale

April 10, 2012
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Every year I pass by hopeful Girl Scouts and Campfire Girls flaunting sugary delights. And each year I am tempted …Read the Rest

January 12, 2012
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A not-so-secret fetish of mine is watching disaster movies. Ones without gore and blood but plenty of: exploding buildings, adverse …Read the Rest