Fiji Memories: Smileys

April 10, 2014

I haven’t quite finished with Fiji.

One oddity espied throughout the main island in various folks’ front pathways (and in our own hotel) was what I called ‘smileys’ – odd pieces of coconut palm and other wood that inspired outdoor artists had turned into faces.

A little insane, but nice…

I liked ‘em so much I got my pic taken beside two – and Sheepish Lee Lanolin just had to join in the fun, too:

Smiley and Diane
It’s me and Sheepish Lee Lanolin posing with the Smileys

Then Bill wanted his own shot:

Smiley and Bill
…note the similar smiles…

It must be lovely to have enough time and enough artistic flare to create crazy smileys out of dead stuff.

Good grief. The inherent woodcarver in me returned home to eye some juicy tree stumps before The Peanut Gallery put the quash on “…creating insane carvings that tell EVERYONE a ‘nut job’ lives here before they even ring the doorbell.”

Oh, and perhaps we should better let them set foot in the house before reality sets in?

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