Imagine the blackest of night skies in which the stars lean down to touch the Earth with fingers of twinkling light.

Imagine that canopy right over your head: so close, you could reach out and touch.

Now add an emerald-green lattice-work that breaks the spiderweb into a canopy of light intersected by thin strands of blackness.

Journey silently through this magical realm in total darkness in a skiff holding about fifteen tourists – all dead silent with awe (…when was the last time you got FIFTEEN PEOPLE [including the normally-verbose Mr. Bill] to say nary a word for 15 minutes??? No whispering, no muttering underbreath, no nuttin! I actually think weall stopped breathing for the duration…)

One could believe one was taking a last journey down the River Styx, Hades’ ferryman Charon at the helm silently guiding the boat through the portals of Hell itself, were it not for the sparkling, glowing latticework just overhead.

In actuality it’s so pitch black you can’t even SEE people around you. (…one of the few tourist spots in the world where you can readily pretend you are ALL ALONE…)

Nothing that beautiful could possibly have anything to do with Hell.

Even given the trappings of a mute boat guide deftly piloting a skiff of dead-silent, awe-stricken tourists through inky black waters under brilliant, sparkling skies.

Waitomo Glowworm Caves, New Zealand.

“Is it worth going?” I was asked.


Words simply cannot capture it.

Yes, I DO believe in magic!

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