Airport Shenanigans

March 30, 2014

Customs Form: Have you been to any parks recently?


Have you any fruits, seeds, nuts, or food on you?

(Yes. Bill’s diabetic emergency nut stash, dutifully hauled from Trader Joe’s to experience NewZed with us)

Are you bringing in prohibited drugs?

(No. I mean come on – only an idiot would answer ‘yes’ to this one, penalties for lying or not!)

Close questioning on our cleanliness routine following our Mud Mountain expedition passed us through Agriculture – but the specter of Mr. Bill’s two GIANT bags of prescription drugs brought out the Customs Supervisor himself to inspect the goodies.

Bills Pills

While nothing obvious was said to the old man in the wheelchair (ThePeanutGallery), it was obvious in the expressions of the veteran airport officials: “Shall we let him in the country?? What are the chances he’ll EXPIRE on our soil?”

As long as you let his drugs pass through, he’ll be ok – thankyouverymuch…

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