Iggy Pop

March 27, 2014

I touched a Bearded Lizard in Fiji.
Kula Iggy
What’s in a name? No beard…

In fact, I held him close.

Whilst my very own hubby looked on (UNJEALOUSLY, might I add).

What can I say: there’s no sneaking around when it comes to a Bearded Lizard Relationship!

Iggy Closeup
Meet Iggy. The Boyfriend.

My close encounter of the scaly kind happened at Kula Nature Park: one attraction I’d learned about on the Internet which apparently was NOT readily available at the Nadi Resort’s tourism desk. First the nice tour lady tried to deny the presence of ANY ‘nature park’ in the area. When pressed, cowed by my certainty, she produced a rather battered brochure from her desk (NOT out on the racks) and had to make several calls to arrange for our visit.

And what a place it was! The rare, endangered native Fijian Bearded Lizard was an ‘up close and personal’ attraction when one walked in, with helpful Nature Woman instructing tourists in the proper way of holding the denizens of her 3 cages.

Said Denizens included a diminutive Python, one of my favorite snakes. So I wasn’t shy about stepping up to the plate when it came to the “…and who wants to HOLD ONE?” portion of the lecture.

Diane and Snakey
NatureLady: “…and who wants to HOLD HIM?” “ME!!” (Hand in air waving wildly…)

When invited, I more than rose to the task: SURE, I was capable of taking more than one (…more than making up for the screaming female tourist in the corner who “hadn’t anticipated DANGEROUS REPTILE OFFERINGS”.)

Python Woman
The snake’s smiling widely, too. You just can’t see him because he’s busy gazing into my eyes!

As one lizard gazed lovingly into my eyes and another viewed me as merely a large tree by which to climb up to reach The Peanut Gallery’s (more enticing) hibiscus Hawaiian shirt, I fell prey to….Lizard Love. I confess!

Dos Iggys
Dos Iggys: If one is good…two is even BETTER!

If I ever live tropically (…not likely, the muggy weather would do me in rather rapidly), I would own an iguana or a Bearded Lizard.

I would name him Iggy Pop.

When informed of my decision, TPG merely shuddered and mentioned that it was a good thing The Tropics weren’t on my future ‘to-do’ list – making Iggy a non-issue.

But, you just never know, on such matters.

Currently I (silently) contemplate the possibility of a free-ranging Iggy in a house festooned with overhead heat lamps, for example.


Diane and Iggy Closer

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  • Jennifer Eisley says:

    Awww, lizard love! Leopard Geckos are nice too. We have an old man named Grendel. I have had many snakey pets also as a kid. Plus tortoises, which is how I discovered Gerald Durrell. . .

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