Ennui/On Fijitime

March 26, 2014

On Fijitime in Paradise…

Mud Mountain Hut


Bill: We should get up

Moi: Yup


Bill: I fell back asleep

Moi: Yup


Bill: Breakfast downstairs is over…we missed it.

Moi: Yup


Bill: Do you think we should go down to lunch?

Moi: Yup

    20 minutes later

Moi: I need to lay down again….

Mud mountain’s aftermath: it’s permeated my soul. With mud. I’m definitely part of the earth. Literally.

When I dream, crickets punctuate my dreamscapes. They surround me like the rainforest I walked, dripping clicks and clacks into my every step.

Upon awakening, I discover we have crickets in our room.


Small toads hop outside.

The walls move with tiny lizards.

Fiji is alive and breathing.


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