March 23, 2014

Ah, tropical paradise: lush greenery punctuated by mynah birds everywhere.


That greenery comes with a price tag, though: an hour after rising we realize just WHY Fiji’s airfare was such a bargain ($500.00 each way) as a cyclone hits and pails of water begin refreshing the foliage around us.

Happy Cyclone Season!


The power cuts just before I can learn enough ‘foreign wifi’ magic to inform Stateside that yes, indeed, we DID arrive safely.

The ongoing deluge shuts up the mynahs (who vanish, likely [sensibly] considering the pros of hibernation) just as the helpful Tour Desk Lady arrives at our breakfast table, color brochures in hand, to advise we take a Waterfall Tour.

Luckily, we’re already on one: free, and pouring down scenic streams right in front of our outdoor cabana.

TPG: “Where’re the rain ponchos you brought?”

Moi (brightly): “In the room.”

TPG: “The rain jackets?”

Moi: “In the room.”

Noting a rustling of consternation at the patio poolside table, the help helpfully turns on soft, jazzy background music.

‘Cry Me a River’ to be specific … well, you certainly can’t accuse the Fijians of choosing inappropriate themes!

Wanna go ‘Dancin’ in the Rain’, anyone?

This tour is, after all, FREE.

And we’re on ‘FijiTime’.

Which means … no worries!


Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!

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