San Francisco to L.A.: An Epic Journey

Bill (complaining): We’ve been taxiing for 30 MINUTES?? WTF??

Moi (innocently): Oh, didn’t I tell you? The bargain airfare includes a scenic tour. It’s called ‘The Runways of SFO’ and Fiji Air taxis down every runway before takeoff. There’s no narration, though: you’ll have to look in your seat pocket for more details.

Bill: That’s stoopid! Who wants to take THIS tour??

Moi (warming to the topic): Well, you’re lucky. For $40.00 less each we coulda taxied all the way to L.A.!

Bill (glumly): Aren’t we already doing that????

…end of story….


Bill’s Note (verbatim): If we’d just taxied out to Highway 5 and scooted right down to L.A., we’d BE THERE BY NOW ….

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