Tardis Sauce with Dalek

January 20, 2013

…this blog is for those of you Dr. Who fans who follow enough shows to know the lingo.

So if you are ‘in the know’, read on.

I have found my ‘must wanted’ next birthday present and at the risk of being Politically Incorrect I WILL say it might involve a group effort (cost-wise and air-wise).

I’m talking the most amazing …

…inflatible DALEK

There are MANY practical uses for such (Bill). To wit:

1. As a commuter car for work.
“Hi boss – sorry I’m late; I had to EXTERMINATE a hamster!”

2. As a method of clearing a too-busy store post-Xmas.

3. As a method of Looking Way Too Cool (no matter WHERE I am going…even to market for a wee bit ‘o tardis sauce).

The possibilities are simply ENDLESS.

You can be well assured any such gift will GET ITS MONEYS WORTH in photo ops.

And if you balk at the $50 fee, remember – it’s THREE FEET TALL. (In Dalek terminology – it’s a BARGAIN!)

Enough to exterminate ALL the little minions in your household!

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