My bff was awoken at 7AM on this festive December Saturday morn by an inspiring sound: the delicate honking of a TUBA SOLO.

What, she wondered, could have prompted this impromptu display of semi-professional tooting talent bright ‘n early on a Saturday morn??

From her position across the street from the (previously-esteemed) Sheraton Hotel she observed a truly wondrous holiday sight as raucous singing from loudspeakers graced her nearly-deaf ears: a picket line of energetic elves had sprung up overnight – and apparently the heavy artillery was called in for the weekend morning’s opening fire in the form of an array of dusty (yet enthusiastic) musical instruments.

There was a clarinet, a tuba, drums, and a loudspeaker to enliven this striking experience.

I am sure the planning meeting was an extraordinary act of striking creativity as an obviously ex-band-leader-turned-business-major structured an event certain to attract maximum attention by staffers, hotel guests, and the Petaluma Police Department alike (the latter of whom, at last news flash, appeared to be either hiding out or laughing their asses off down at the station.)

Yeah, you could consider it Disturbing the Peace. But there’s a fine line between a Musical Performance and a Strike – and that line has, apparently, NOT yet been crossed.

And can you imagine the inspiration such an event holds in making a case for returning musical instruction to the head of school extracurricular activities lists?? Now HERE is a definite and ongoing use for that languishing Tuba Talent, which may be resurrected in adulthood to answer the call of a strike, a protest, or any impulsive need for a marching band’s emphasis on the matter.

And many a mother, tired of trying to hound their little darling into actually practicing their instrument, now need only spend a night at said Sheraton to point out the lasting value of ongoing practice. Yup, Timmy Toots now will clearly see a goal beyond mere school band participation.


All this is why you should give a toot about supporting Music in the Schools.

Someday they may be marching under YOUR window – and when they do, you’ll want the educational background to dust off your own musical device and join in the fun!

I wonder if they need a caterwauling violinist???


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