Yet another Benico product recently thought up by the Terrible Twins is a new line of perfumes for a new generation.

Away with ‘Allure’ and other tired name brands: here are some perfumes that will REALLY rock your boat, imparting subliminal messages – and sometimes warnings! – about the wearer…

To wit:

.Clueless … the perfume for those who don’t have a clue.

.Undetermined.  Like Clueless, this is alluring and mysterious – because even the wearer has no idea

.Bad Kitty – a saucy performer with a bit of claw, this is Hello Kitty with a BITE.

.Sharpshooter. I’m not talking as in ‘Glassy-Winged’ (a recent California insect invader), either: Sharpshooter has YOU in the crosshairs!

.Bitch – beyond ‘saucy’, this is for the woman on fire! 

Which brings us to:

. Heat – passion with a flame! And its companion:

. Big Bastard. Not neglecting the men’s cologne line, this is the male answer to Bitch

. Condescending – the Queen wears this. So do members of the Kardasian family (Yes, I mean as in Star Trek…)

. Testify = for the chatty woman. You’ve been FOREWARNED…

. Wasted – this is actually part of our new ‘Go Away’ line for those who habitually have HAD A BIT TOO MUCH.

. Imbecile – the scent indicates much confusion and adds to the ‘Go Away’ line

. Narcissist – another in the ‘Go Away’ line, this proffers much warning as the wearer inevitably thinks he/she is too hot for words by wantonly flaunting its scent. 

. Feral: a little wild, a little loose, and a lotta sass in this one

. Shapeshifter: because one day it’s one thing; one day it’s something else entirely…

. Primal: imparts fair warning to those who anticipate something more seasoned

. Renaissance Man: gee, ladiez – wouldn’t you want to get to know the wearer of THIS scent?

. Dastardly:….and wouldn’t you NOT want this one? Joins others in the ‘Go Away’ scented warning line…

. Dementia: for when you only think you’re someone else…

Some of the above are pheromone-based – another new Benico line.

Specifically: Heat, Bad Kitty, Bitch and Big Bastard.

For that little extra ‘umph’ when you’re ready to rock ‘n roll…

Brewin’ up the perfect potion…

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