Forbidden Love

November 16, 2012

It was The Peanut Gallery who scored a win with his ‘alternative science’ premise on this one.

Factoid #1: Tom Turkey (or Jake) appeared on our property suddenly, out of season and all alone. It’s been 3 months from initial appearance and Tom (Jake) has gotten quite content with our dogless lot…so much so that we now hear the pitterpatter of his feet tromping across our roof at night as he settles down for a lonely vigil atop the highest peak of our Chateau. Which just so happens to be directly ABOVE our bedroom window.

Factoid #2: Herbert Heron appeared a little after this and was first observed committing petty theft in the backyard koi pond. His ongoing efforts to resist imprisonment have resulted in an apparent wanton act of permanent residency in the back trees on our property; there best to observe his pond prey in action.

Factoid #3: Nighttime’s usual nocturnal rural noises have been replaced by the elusive and never-seen Mr. Squawk, along with Mr. Sigh’s responses: both competing with (and yea even seemingly answering) Mr. Owl’s hoots.


The theory postulated by Peanut Gallery this morning involves a forbidden love evolving from two lost birds far from their flocks and usual community collections. It’s a theory apparently supported by fact, as last night Squawk and Sigh sounded side-by-side in apparent harmony.

Forbidden Love.

It’s what’s happening in the Back 40, this year.

Or, up on the roof….

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