Walking Tour

October 10, 2012

When it comes to a lecture (no matter how interesting the topic), I have a limited attention span, these days.

Perhaps I multitask too often; or maybe I’ve developed a spot of ADD.

Thus it was that on a recent walking tour of San Francisco’s Chinatown, I began listening with half an ear, startled into full attention only when an unexpected and off-the-wall comment erupted from our otherwise-dryly factual tour guide.

The discussion apparently revolved around the Great Seal of San Francisco.

Imagine my surprise when I distinctly *heard*:

“The great seal of San Francisco is the penis, because it’s always rising and falling.”

Shockingly unorthodox as it was, this statement somehow made complete sense to me.  After all, we’re talkin’ SAN FRANCISCO here – Mecca of the gay revolution in America.

Nonetheless when I realized my mistaken perception, I laughed till I cried – prompting the rest ‘o the walking tour members to beat a hasty retreat to the next street leaving the obviously-insane woman behind, laughing her ass off on the street curb as her friend hovered anxiously over her waiting for sanity to return (hers, not his…).

When I caught enough breath to explain, he was rolling, too.

Is it MY fault that ‘penis’ and ‘phoenix’ sound so startlingly alike???

(Also please be advised: the Great Seal of The City is most DEFINITELY not THIS, either):


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