A Spirited Conversation

September 11, 2012

The English language never fails to amaze me.  It’s absolutely PACKED with double meanings.

Recently a friend handed me a new magazine he’d finished browsing.  

The name, a simple one-worder ‘SPIRITS’, promised much paranormal excitement (and theoretically not much wiggle room for confusion.)  Not my friend’s usual choice of reading material but hey – who am I to question an apparent spiritual conversion?

Five minutes of close inspection revealed (a) there was absolutely nothing frightening or paranormal involved and (b) there was, however, a whole lotta discussion ‘bout drinking goin’ on.

SPIRITS.  It’s NOT just about the ghosts.

And yet another reason why ESL programs face such challenges in teaching the ins and outs of the English language.

(Hint: if you’re pursuing SPIRITS – it may just be Johnny Walker over ‘Ghostbustahs’….)


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