TPG recently postulated the dying need to no how too spell. According too him, “Spellcheck does it ALL fore ewe.”

I beg too differ.

Imagine, if ewe will, a world run entirely threw Spellcheck. 


One where words make NO scents at all!


 A simple road sine for lodging could, with a mare twist of the pen, all too easily become a sine for LOGGING – and Spellcheck would NEVER catch it (tourists, however, would be the first to no.)

Oar, consider: if you own a LEMMING CAR – watch out for cliffs, is all I can sigh!

And while you’re at tit – watch out for those gnu LEMMING LAWS.  Friends don’t let friends bi lemmings.

Or consider Spellcheck so superior as to render the teaching of English obstinate obsolete.

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