Caiman vs. Cayman

August 12, 2012

… so we’re watching TV and suddenly (out of the blue) The Peanut Gallery remarks (…and I quote):“If I were rich, I would own a CAIMAN.”

Hellloo, NURSE!

Note the Wiki definition I was already familiar with:

Caimans are alligatorid crocodylians within the subfamily Caimaninae. The group is one of two subfamilies of the family Alligatoridae, the other being alligators.”

Yeah, so having ascertained that The Peanut Gallery had (obviously) lost his mind, I proceeded to ask the obvious and innocent question: “So where would you PUT a caiman if you had one????”

The puzzled look on his face shoulda tipped me off – but as usual, I had NO CLUE.

The response: “Why, in the garage – OF COURSE” simply made NO SENSE. There was a GIANT pause – which shoulda indicated the obvious: that two people were OBVIOUSLY talkin’ about very different things.

Then, cautiously, I proposed: “But, we’d have to put in a MUCH BIGGER BATHROOM.”

Bigger Pause as The Peanut Gallery muses on the possibility (already acknowledged by moi) that we were COMMUNICATING ABOUT VASTLY DIFFERENT SUBJECTS.

TPG (indignant): “What do BATHROOMS have to do with Caymans???”

The fact that emerged centered around semantics: change the spelling = change the meaning.

MY caiman was apparently another man’s CAYMAN, to wit: “The Porsche Cayman is a mid-engined, rear wheel drive 2-seat sports car produced by Porsche AG of Germany”.

…and NEARLY as good as the Crocadilian model! Almost…

Well, excuse me.

SOME of us are talkin’ automobiles and garage sizes whilst OTHERS are speakin’ about wildlife and bath tub sizes.

I still say: my thinking wins the “most logical” award.

MY Caiman involves a simple bathroom remodel, while HIS Cayman involves an entire garage addition. ‘Course, if we WERE really rich, it would be a mote point. I’d have my caiman, he’d have his Cayman.

Me: I’m gonna go with the Jacuzzi model and call it good.



WHO you gonna choose????

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