Birthdays (and anniversaries) have gotten a bit stodgy ‘round here. I’m talkin’ waaay 2 predictable.

Yeah, there’s a yearly surprise attempt (…as if a 67-year-old forgets what day/month is his birthday. And the surprise sidenote: after 36 years he STILL forgets the same facts about our anniversary date – typical guy…). Said ‘surprise’ often involves food. Restaurants. Friends. Not necessarily in that order.

There USED to be gifts too; but since The Peanut Gallery can’t find anything crazy enough for moi and since I resorted to a boring old cd for him last year when it was made apparent that the gift of a giant inflatable purple dinosaur (from Ebay – a BARGAIN!) sitting in the driver’s seat of his car was “NOT FUNNY” (albeit WOULD’VE been unexpected – had SOMEBODY held a sense of humor about inflatables in unpredictable places), gifts have gone the way of – uh – the dinosaur around here.             

This makes me want to buy a car
Malingering / Foter

                                   …go ahead, SURPRISE ME!

                                       Why yes, you can put Barney

                                      in MY seat for a b-day surprise!

THAT’S why I planned to emulate The Bloggess for a REAL birthday surprise: live wild animals. And I’m talkin’: In. The. House.

Oh, they’d be loaners. So no gift wrapping, no feeding issues – and only a minimum of poop cleanup after.

Oh, you think I’m KIDDING?

Read about my mentor’s experiences (; then be advised: I tend to EMULATE HER.

I made the mistake of pointing out said funny blog to The Master. Who gave me the Stink Eye and clearly said: “Don’t. Even. THINK. Of. It.”

Bah, humbug. Better get him a boooring old cd of Beach Boys or some such antiquity (since da man does not do streaming or ipod) and take him to lunch at some place PREDICTIBLE like Dennys.

But, beware your own b-day date, if I have cause to know it…

Who knows: there may just be a TEMPORARY KANGAROO in your immediate future!

Or an inflatable.              

Service, Quick Lube
jpmatth / Foter


                         Look out your window…what do you see??


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