I Sees You

July 5, 2012

There are two distinct methods of chocolate consumption.

One involves hoarding; the other considers an open chocolate wrapper to be an open invitation.

Mom was a Hoarder.  Much in the way my Dad could pinch a nickel ‘till the eagle screamed, Mom could make a 1-pounder from Sees Candies eek out an existence for months.

oh god, it's all for me

roboppy / Foter

                  I Sees you … and raise you a 2-pounder…

I later learned that, as a child of the Depression, there was simply a general lack of chocolate in one’s diet – so stretching out any largess made the experience last ad infantum.

As the daughter of a child of the Depression, Mom’s chocolate box seemed an ever-present fixture in my childhood. All else may change around us – but Sees was ever-present.

Thus: no need to HOARD the experience, to my mind: there was obviously PLENTY more where that came from.

Science would have it that when matter and antimatter meet, there results an instantaneous and overwhelming explosion where the force of the encounter instantly cancels out the existence of both.

And so it is with the Chocolate Hoarder and Anti-hoarder.

As evidenced by an enticing envelope of Hershey’s With Almonds.


Food Pyramid - Sweets

Logan Brumm Photography and Design / Foter

 Conscious of the fact that on a sailboat far far away from Sees any chocolate is limited, I broke off my first bite and made it last a whole 5 minutes (thanks for the early lessons, Mom!) before casually reaching for another.

An empty chocolate wrapper wafting gently in the breeze told the whole sordid tale in a wordless picture.

I was journeying with the antimatter Goddess of Chocolate, to whom an open wrapper is an open invitation.

Nobody had called ‘dibbs’. So it was there for the taking.

And, as always in such a meeting, the chocolate had vanished in a flash….


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