So, I’m late with this “summer celebration” list. Just shoot me – and mark your calendars early for NEXT YEAR!


1stDoughnut Day. I am SO for this one, I suggest a 3-day celebration. Doughnuts for breakfast, lunch and dinner: YEA!

3rdSecond Festival of Peace. (‘Cause you know that by now, the first one waaay back in January is SO forgotten. At least, at home it is….)

4thFestival of Roses. Smell ‘em, enjoy ‘em outdoors -  but don’t pick ‘em, is my advice. Last year’s celebrations ended abruptly when Bill discovered I had celebratorily picked all his prize roses so we could enjoy them in the more intimate atmosphere of our bedroom (…a revelation thus abruptly concluding the Second Festival of Peace…)

11thCorn on the Cob Day. Even better than the 29th Corn Mother Festival, to my mind, as COC is near the top of Diane’s Food Pyramid.

16thFudge Day. Aw, fudge. Make a triple batch for this special occasion! ALSO high on Diane’s Food Pyramid.

21stSummer Solstice. And as far as I am concerned, it can stay YEAR ROUND. Reading about various celebration options, we come once again upon jumping over something – as in: bonfire, or maybe candles. I’m jumping over our bbq (…one has to work with materials at hand, after all. I learned this in kindergarten….)                                       

24thLady Luck. Now is the time to gather your: rabbitsfeet, lucky Chinese money, lucky waving cat idol and other items. If you’ve crossed your Lady, you will need all your Lucks in a Row!


1-3Roswell UFO Days. Time to either make the annual pilgrimage to New Mexico and pick up some tourist items or lay out your own landing pad in the back 40 and check the SETI settings on your computer (yes, SETI has re-started; and if you join, by next year you might find UFO Days being celebrated in your own living room…)

5thSun Dance Festival. Any day that involves sun AND dancing has my vote.

10thTeddy Bears’ Picnic Day. Gee, I usually had mine in Spring. July makes a LOT more sense. BYOB (Bring Your Own Bear) for a full tea party in the Back 40, y’all.

20thRamadan. This involves fasting, so I am highly unlikely to be celebrating this. Since the date is ALSO National Lollipop Day, I’m gonna lap up this one and call it sweet.

22ndLa Fete de la Madeleine. I am either not religious enough or know a bit too much French. I was all for filling the kitchen with madeleines (those little spongy hand-shaped cookies) until somebody hinted that an ancient goddess of love, fertility and matchmaking was involved. No matter. One has poetic license in interpreting ancient celebrations and I personally intend on interpreting this one as license to fill my kitchen with little spongy hand-shaped French cookies. Which I then shall blissfully and religiously consume.     


2ndLammas! Harvest, feasts, and competitions for the ‘largest’ (men, it’s not what you think: I’m talkin’ pumpkins and zucchini here!). This celebrates prosperity and food: two of my favorites!

12thVinyl Record Day. I have ‘em, you have ‘em. It was the last era in which we could actually read the liner notes without a magnifying glass. It’s not a Love-In, but it CAN be a retro kinda day as we dust off our turntables, tell the kids about the Ancient Days of ‘78s, ‘45s, and 33 1/3rds, and send them screaming as we try our vocal chops karaoke-style, singing along with Dylan, Donovan, and several other classic albums we’ve memorized cover to cover (including the built-in pops, clicks, and hisses we missed so much when the cd format sterilized the ‘living music’ experience.)

23rdVulcanalia. This Roman celebration is a fire festival. It can get a leetle out of hand, as the ancient Pompeii residents discovered. (If you’ve ever had an urge to fly in a small helicopter over a Hawaiian volcano, now is the time. If you chicken out last minute – heck, it’s still Hawaii….)

24th Bill’s Birthday. The annual ‘Can We Surprise Him After 36 Years?’ celebration. Bill has experienced a Surprise Takeover of Angel Island by some 30 friends, a Surprise Meetup of Friends on a Colorado Train Trip, etc. etc. I’m not surprising him this year by going to Jo’s Cottage get-away in Oakley CA, which boasts a small boat and swimming – but if YOU want to participate, just let me know. Or just show up unexpectedly – which will neatly surprise us BOTH…

25-26thInternational Bat Night. Here we go again. That’s 3 Bat Celebrations in one year already. Coincidence?? I think NOT….I’m taking this one and flying with it.


1st Festival of First Fruits. (Being a San Francisco Native, my first impression evidently wasn’t the correct one.)

7thSalami Day. Time to hone your Salami Toss skills (H. and D….)

19thTalk Like a Pirate Day. Aargh! This is one of those holidays oft forgot! May dastardly forgetters walk da plank!

22ndHobbit Day. Take a cue from Bilbo Baggins and throw yourself a party!

30thSukkot. Frighteningly, in Zechariah, in the Messianic Era (similar to Jurassic Era, only more modern) Sukkot will become a world holiday during which ‘all nations’ will make the annual pilgrimage to Jerusalem. Equally frighteningly, some merchants are already preparing. If the entire world is in Jerusalem at once, it seems a great time to remain at home, quietly celebrating or hiding under the bed. This is a 7-8-day-long holiday; so asking for an extended leave of absence at work would not be untoward.

They’ll just have to Sukkot up.

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