Pimp Your Kitty

June 29, 2012

In the scheme of grand business plans for universally-needed products, I have come up with a solid winner based on sheer observation: the need for a TempCat Agency.

Unlike other temp arrangements, the Loaner Cat could be rented by the hour, ½ day, full day or week.

Just think: any who’ve wanted the joy of a kitty without the responsibilities can just pick up the phone and call 1-800-LoanerCat for as little as a few hours of fur.

LoanerCat will arrive on your doorstep in a festive gift basket (…don’t forget: never look a gift cat in the mouth!).


                              THIS model BRUSHES HIMSELF

 Rentals of 1 or more days include: free LitterBox, pooperscooper, the ever-popular best-seller You and Your Litterbox, and a supply of selected gourmet food for that ‘eats anything’ feline TempCompanion.

But WAIT – there’s MORE!

Accompanying how-to manuals may be ordered separately and include: Heavy Petting (for those newbies to cats), The Cat in the Hat (for those interested in renting a cat for wardrobe accessory purposes), and a complimentary issue of Cat Fancy Magazine (or Cat Unfancy, if you opted for the inexpensive feral model).

Speaking of ‘models’: why, yes: LoanerCat has everything from the basic kitten to the puma.



                                  The Mini-Puma Variant: the

                                    Marvelous Singing Cat!

 Well, we DID say ‘cats’, no?

And for those of you who already have ‘too much cat’ in your lives – just think of the financial profit and altruistic satisfaction that can be gained from participating in LoanerCat and pimping your kitty.

You will get a small stipend (…based on the size of your kitty and using our unique ‘pennies for the pound’ calculation system) and the great satisfaction of knowing The Clawmaster is, however temporarily, out there in the world terrorizing enhancing a different home.

So go ahead. Pimp your cat. Or rent a temp.

Either way, you’re a winner here at LoanerCats.



                                           The Feral Model…

 BTW: every applicant (no matter which side of the cat fence you’re on) will be personally welcomed by our Madam.

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