Dibs on Greece

June 12, 2012

I have a solution to the whole European Union mess.

I’m buying Greece.

Oh, the spending spree won’t stop there: it’s just that I will be first. And all the dolmas, spanokoptia, feta cheese and – of course – The Parthenon will be mineallmine. Brewwwhhaaaahaaahaa…

My acquisition (for mere pennies on the dollar … it was ‘drachmas for the dime’ before the Euro took over) will begin the next phase in the world’s trendiest of trends: OYOC.

Or, in plain Greek: Own Your Own Country.

We are clearly evolving into a world owned by big business. With no apparent room for the Little People of the world.

By making my stand (on Greek soil), I will own a delicious piece of it all to myself.

Just think: No more: kings, queens, presidents. Microsoft will change from a Seattle-Based Company to one of the newest national names in Europe. Perhaps replacing Spain  (….that Prado thingie IS somewhat of a draw. And the tapas.)

When I buy Greece, youall are of course welcome to come visit. All-you-can-eat Dolma Tuesdays, Diane’s Great Acropolis Lion Exhibition and Pig Feed, the semi-annual Feta Fest. It’s all gonna be fun and games in MY new country: like a giant playpen – filled with Greek Salad.

chotda / Foter

I hate to think about Spain, though, if Bill G. gets ahold of it. Micro-breweries will be ok, but Soft Tapas? Yeah, he’ll get Spain for a song – but the song will change from flamenco-based to ‘Soft Kitty’. And talk about ‘proprietary’: NOBODY’s gonna get into the newly-closed Microland without an un-hackable password and a PC.

I think I’ll keep my Greece.

Come play with me!

Dolmas are on the house!

moophisto / Foter


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