The Peanut Gallery posited the question of what I would choose as my next vehicle, should “money be no object.” When I quit laughing (about the last fantasy piece), I didn’t have to reflect long on the proposition itself.

My next car won’t be an Audi, a Toyota, or a Ford.

If money were no object, it wouldn’t even be a Mazaratti, Lamborghini or Lotus Super 7.

Nope: my next car would be a BATMOBILE.


1.    I like bats. I’m a long-time (20+ years!) member of Bat Conservation International. What better way to cement my beliefs than publically reflecting it in my choice of daily driver?

2.    Flashy. I’ll NEVER sweat over locating my car in a 600-car, single-floor parking garage again. EVER.

3.    Bruce Wayne is selling his turbine-powered Batmobile.

4.    Bad economy = awesome consumer opportunity!


                              …guyz all admire MY car….it’s a Guy Magnet.

 5.    Newsflash from The Peanut Gallery: apparently it’s not the CREPED CRUSADER but the CAPED CRUSADER. So APPARENTLY my culinary prowess does not ENTITLE me to Das Batmobile. Ratz. (or, is it BATZ….?)

6.    It’s fuel-friendly. Apparently I have the choice of three fuel sources to power the sukkah: Jet A, kerosene, or diesel. Take THAT, Exxon!

Only one question remains in the arsenal of ‘why I deserve one’:  which model???

Classic 1966?:  



 Vs. the modern turbo version?:


 Heck – let’s follow the Woman’s Rule of Shopping: when totally undecided, TAKE BOTH.

No regrets that way.

I’ll let The Peanut Gallery drive my ‘other Bat’ from time to time.

Even though – and I quote – “I wouldn’t be CAUGHT DEAD driving around in one of these!”

Yeah, right: and I happen to know… mention the word ‘turbo’ to Mr. Autoweek and I’ll have the Living Dead enthusiastically driving it to the grocery for a quart of milk …                 

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