(From writings about our latest 3-day trip to Humboldt County, ‘Chronicles of Temporary Insanity’)

Today is our long-coveted sojourn to Confusion Hill: a place Bill sayz I should know intimately, as I “often reside there psychically.”

I’ll be first to admit ongoing confusion is my middle name … which is why I intend on searchin’ out and personally shaking the paw of Yeti (actually, here in Lumberlandia, it’s his smaller, less hairy cousin Bigfoot who’s the bomb…)

Confusion #1: A nasty rumor abounds that there is NO Bigfoot/Yeti.

I, using clear scientific deduction, maintain that “BY” is of long-lasting and undeniable reality. Case in point: ongoing sightings and actual photos before Photoshop got goin’ and RUINED the whole notion of ‘irrefutable photographic evidence’ (…and that’s why authentic Bigfoot photos are all FUZZY…).

Confusion #2: They are not my friends (sayz Bill).

I maintain – loudly – that befriending the unseen and mysterious in life is a huge plus. That maintaining belief, delight, awe, and joie de vivre against scofflaws and disbelievers is one of our (many) purposes in life.

Bill just scoffs. Having shut the Bigfoot door long ago, he hates to see anyone else happily strollin’ through it.

ESPECIALLY those of us who do so holdin’ the paw of Bigfoot and apparently carrying on a spirited conversation.

Don’t worry, BFF (BigFootFriend): it’s just Bill.

He’s obviously CONFUSED about the meaning of life…. to wit:                                                         

                                        Yup: it IS this simple….

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