Going Postal

June 1, 2012

Our rural post office is more than a source of stamps and mail. It also serves as a social center: a place where farmer and small town residents collide meet, and sometimes as a place for observing quirks and oddities of those who barely set foot off the farm and who consider mail something to catch up on once a month.

It’s all casual – one needn’t dress up for the occasion of checking one’s P.O. Box.

Thus one will find ruralites in all manners of dress at the Valley Ford Post Office, as at home in a bathrobe as in a Stenson hat.

One, however, took the cake.

My hat’s off to my neighbor “Moosey”, who made his appearance sporting what could only be candidly described as Character Pajamas. Eeyore, to be exact.


                                 HOT new man’s style of pjs – on Moosey, anywayz…

Now, I know of adults who keep a spare pair in closet just for those unexpected sleepovers. And those who go on covert buying missions to Kohl’s on the pretext of ‘shopping for the kids’ (they are ‘outed’ when they finally give in and ask the sales clerk, in a low whisper, if the Winnie-the-Poohs come in XXXXL.)

But until Moosey’s appearance, I had no clue Character Pajamas could actually be worn in public.

The Peanut Gallery warned me not to become too inspired: that Moosey was known for some quirks as he approached his 80s.

I simply became more excited.

Now I have something to look forward to in my old age! The perk of proudly wearing Character Pajamas in public.

Postmistress Roz is a good sport and thoroughly supports me. Her rural station abounds in colorful characters. So, I’ll fit right in!

Poor Bill, though. He’s getting tired of me (a) pulling out ALL my character pjs for newfound Public Assessment and (b) hounding him about ‘dropping by’ the post office.

JUST so I can show off my new Tasmanian Devil attire… 

Got letters??



  • Roz says:

    OMG!!!I love this, I have pj bottoms with martinis and cocktails on them but then I’m only 53. Spongebob might show up in the next decade…but definately not a work…I push the envelope enough as it is….

    • Diane says:

      It’s ok to leave it to your Postal Patrons to be zany – as long as they’re wearing clothes at all, apparently anything goes!

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