Defensible Parameters

May 27, 2012

A road sign in the affluent county of Napa, California caught my eye on a recent road trip to Yosemite National Park. It showed a house in the middle of two colored circles and had ‘Build A Defensible Parameter’ as its header.     

Now, to her credit, my friend also had similar thoughts.

MY first thought involved – as usual – alien invasions and mothership landing pads. A likely result of having seen a bit too much of ‘Battle: L.A.’ and ‘War of the Worlds’.

Our second (shared) thought involved survivalists and the calculated range of an Uzi versus an AK47. Though placing a survivalist sign on a public highway for the entire family to imbibe seemed a little – well – hostile.

In true ‘third time’s the charm’ manner, finally, came the ‘reality’ apparently posited by the Napa Fire Safety Board, which involved clearing weeds around one’s property.

B. pointed out that back East, where it rains a LOT all year, there is NO concept of ‘defensible parameters’.

Thus making the survivalist (or alien invasion) a thought a MUCH more logical one.

Except in California.

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