Space: the final frontier. Especially for the advertising industry, always in search of new stellar markets…

Some Background: Those who endure watch car racin’ are only too aware that EACH of these leetle cars is festooned with a full-sized ad. Indeed, advertisers sponsor car races just so you have the (dubious) pleasure of seeing the winning vehicle speed by with an ad covering the entire car. It’s even hard to read the car numbers to know who’s actually ahead. And I can tell you from experience: giving up on learning driver names and car numbers and opting to loudly root for the Tampon 250 does NOT earn one brownie points from surrounding male fans, who will huff, snort and ‘shhhsh’; and who generally believe it’s UNMASCULINE to identify a racing car by the ad all over it.

                         Note: there is no damn number on this race car!

Well, EXCUSE ME for bein’ female.

But, I digress…

A recent discussion with my bff on the news of a private spaceship connecting with the space station led to some serious Ad Speculation.

B.: Wow – a private person has funded, built, and now DOCKED a spaceship at the International Space Station! It was funded by the owner of PayPal.

Moi: Think of the possibilities.

A Moment of Silence.

Moi: You know those little race cars covered with ads? What if the private sector creates SPACESHIPS covered with ads? So news cameras broadcasting the event could also advertise product. Can you IMAGINE the possibilities? (Assuming News Reporter deepvoice): “And in this historic moment of TWO space investors racing to be first to the space station! It’s Tampon 500 in front, closely followed by Trojan Elite. They’re heading for the finish line … it’s gonna be a tight one …. Ooooh – what’s what? It looks like ……the ENERGIZER BUNNY! Yes, he got there FIRST and is beating his drum and blocking entry!

                                                                           The Trojan Elite Rocket awaits its advertising…

Moi: Pertinent questions: does the MaxiPad2000 protecting the flanks of those two COME WITH WINGS?

B.: Oh, DEFINITELY. It’ll be a tight fit to get all 3 in the same docking hole.

The GREATEST space race is upon us: the race for interstellar product placement.

I can’t WAIT for the ramifications.

Especially those involving re-entry…

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