My recent Yosemite adventure was spiced by a Yurt Experience of the Turd Kind.

Yurts are adorable. They are roomy, they are round, and their walls are canvas. Of necessity this one included no: bathroom, heat, or air conditioning.

Call me primitive, but it was still SO lovely – like camping out without the hard ground underneath. A center clear dome overhead revealed the stars, and one could hear the wildlife tromping about the yurt outside during the night. Lots of nocturnal activity surrounded us in a haze of wild life.

My bff and I arose next morn to a puzzle: the outside walls of our yurt had damp streaks up and down its sides and glistened in the warming sun.

To some, this might be self-explanatory. To others….


 Bff: Oh, look! A large animal peed all over our yurt during the night! Maybe a Yeti!

Moi (practically): Naah. I’d say more likely it was bearz.

A glance at the other yurts around us showed the same mysterious pattern, and the hypothesis of a mischievous albeit quietly romping band of Teen Coffee-Drinkin’ Bearz having a Midnight Pee Party was duly confirmed.

Speakin’ of which, ‘dew’ was never posited as a possibility in the matter…                               

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