Raccoons for Sale

May 22, 2012

Conversation over morning coffee….:

Peanut Gallery: GREAT … the compost needs to be buried and my back’s not in any shape to do it.

Moi: Put it outside for the raccoons.

Peanut Gallery: I haven’t seen any raccoons around in a while.

Moi (logically): Then we need to buy raccoons. I’ll put ‘em on the shopping list. How many do you want?

Peanut Gallery: I’m not BUYING raccoons when they are EVERYWHERE for free.

Moi: You just said they’re NOT HERE. Hold on – I’ll call Lowe’s…

Country livin’.

You just gotta love it…


                         “…where’s the GARBAGE?”


PS – The Peanut Gallery maintains “the whole idea of BURYING garbage is to keep the raccoons from getting at it.”

Well, excuse me for not grasping the whole raccoon concept…

I’m a city girl – I’m still learning.

The concept of raccoons as outdoor garbage disposal systems seemed perfectly logical to me…


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  • timmy dekat says:

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