A Suitable Display

May 17, 2012

I guess my inner city roots will always show.

I turned a corner in Yosemite to espy what my eidetic memory identified as a turkey.

“Watch this,” I said authoritatively to my bff. Then I threw a few small pebbles near it.

And was summarily ignored.

I made several half-hearted (yet quite authentic) ‘gobble’ calls.

Still summarily ignored.

Began shouting and stomping. The turkey turned its back on me.

“Um … what are you doing?” my bff queried.  Apparently several small children had gathered.

“I am trying to provoke a DISPLAY,” I explained. “If you threaten a turkey, it will spread its tail feathers in an AWESOME display of defense and challenge, to let you know it’s a formidable enemy, a defender of its spouse(s), and what it thinks of you.”

EVEN THE FEMALES?” Bff queried.

“Um … is that a female?” was my lame response.

Laughter erupted from the budding young Peanut Gallery behind me whilst in front, tired of strange noises and being pelted with pebbles, Mrs. Dash turned ‘round and stabbed her backside with her beak.


 Obviously it was a display (…albeit not the one originally envisioned) designed to tell me exactly where I could put my theory…

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