WHO You Gonna Call??

May 14, 2012

Let me go on record to say that I think ‘Ghostbusters’ is, hands down, the most awesome music theme in the world.

Think of it.

1.    You can dance to it.

2.    You can bust bugs with it

3.    You can bust IBM with it

4.    You can dustbust to it.

5.    You can even bust ____ ass with it (…just fill in the blank. I’m sure you have a notebook of possibilities…)

It’s friggin’ inspirational. I have ‘busted’: butt, dust, moves, and more with ‘Ghostbusters’ egging me on in the background.

Sadly, not all agree.

A verbatim conversation with The Peanut Gallery:

Moi (dancing around and screaming): GHOSTBUSTAHS!

Peanut Gallery (worried): are you off your meds again?

Moi: I am embarking on Housework, then attacking bugs. GHOSTBUSTAHS!

Peanut Gallery (wryly): We have no ghosts to bust. They fled the premises when they gotta look at you…

Moi (exuding joie de vivre): Who cares? There’s ALWAYS something you can bust to this awesome song!

Peanut Gallery (wearily. Apparently he gets tired JUST WATCHIN’ ME): the only thing I’m bustin’ here is some zzzs. Can you please TURN IT DOWN while I nap???

No troubles. That’s what headphones are for.

I made sure to put them on him when he was deep in a REM cycle.

Then ran like hell, as though the Spirits themselves were after me.



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