Particle physics: you gotta love it. Its effect on my relationship with The Peanut Gallery is both uncontestable and unheralded.

Particle physics is filled with things firing joyously around you, much as an invisible fireworks display for a perpetual 4th of July. And speaking of ‘firing’ and ‘sparks’, nothing flares up as juicily as a spouse presented with an opportunity to sleep elsewhere after a delightful evening of intellectual discourse (often conducted at elevated volume for added emphasis, in hopes the deaf become at least partially hearing).

I must confess, I often think of The Peanut Gallery as a Photon. In the world of quantum mechanics, he can be best defined as “the force carrier for *electromagnetic force.”  (*Which is me.)

I am obviously the Lorentz Force to his Photon, serving as a strange attractor all the way ‘round.

But getting back to the ‘non-scientific discussion’ – it’s just more of the same: i.e. an Unscientific Observation by The Peanut Gallery countered by a Possibility Rooted in Fact from moi. Along with a few added threats to the tune of “just you WAIT…”

Well, ok: so the yeti-alien-dinosaur connection hasn’t quite been proven … yet. It’s still a LOT more fun to think about than the inspirational origins of Steven Colbert’s nightly show (which, I maintain, ALSO holds “alien influence” as a possibility.) The scientific conclusion to both theories: just you WAIT (…for  Diane’s Unified Theory of the Yeti-Alien-Dinosaur Connection).

Yes – I will admit to a few ‘stretches’. ALL good scientists are capable of an instant, light-years leap in thought. That, I believe, is what separates shear brilliance from the mundane. Just you WAIT (Bill).

And OK – so Steven Colbert has yet to introduce yetis, aliens, or even the new dna-resurrected dinosaur into his show structure; preferring instead to focus on incredibly droll commentary which actually – unlike the above topics – has very little immediate impact on Life as We Know It. On this planet, anywayz.

But still – MY idea of building a very small (i.e. miniature) particle accelerator in our family room has been met with the Peanut Gallery’s decidedly unscientific conclusion (a.k.a.: accusation) that it is NOT POSSIBLE. Now, there IS a difference between ‘impossible’ and ‘improbable’.

The possibilities here are simply endless. You just have to WAIT for it…

The probability that SOMEBODY around here is spendin’ the night on the futon is – well – more fact than fiction, at this point.

Particle physics. You gotta love it.

And the late-night (quasi)scientific discussions it sparks.

(And now you have one of the answers to the popular query “What do people together for 36 years have left to talk about?” Plenty. Just you wait…)

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