Take It to Work Day

April 30, 2012

Around the time I quit the world of 9-5’s 2-hour rushhours, the Workplace became infused with “Take Your ____ To Work Day.”

(Note: Insert: Daughter, Son, Pet, Spouse there.)

I always maintained the idea was good but the follow-through too limited.

So I posit a few more stimulating ideas for any HR office seeking to boost employee morale and company profitability. (…THIS may also be the day to invite that big customer you’re wooing to observe your creative workforce in action!)

To wit:

  1. Wear Your Character Pajamas to Work Day. (…this idea in honor of H., who apparently has a CLOSETFULL). Just think on it. We ALL likely have one or two favorite Character Pajamas that likely repose in our closets totally unattended SOLELY because there is no proper occasion to proudly wear and display them. And for those naysayers who believe the Standard Workplace is “not appropriate” – just imagine the VP of Sales decked out in typical Tasmanian Devil attire, or the lowly secretary adopting Tweety Bird for a day (“I taught I taw a Copier Repairman…I did, I DID see a Copier repairman!”)
  1. Tai Chi at Breaktime Day. Think of it. An entire office of suited executives suddenly drop paperwork and assume Wild Crane position. By the time HR has opened their offices for New Recruits, the potential employee has had to walk through a roomful Grasping the Sparrow’s Tail and Snake Creeps Down. (Here’s a quick tip for HR: if Joe Hopeful ‘assumes the position’, he’s in. If he hits his cell’s autodial to the local asylum for emergency pickup of the office staff – he’s OUT.)
  1. Anger Management Day. Not just for managers, this day involves all-out pillow fights and marshmallow guns. (Don’t forget to warn the janitor about the extra hours of cleanup.) After all – what employee DOESN’T enjoy a good battle??
  1. Martini Monday. Any good HR Department knows absenteeism is highest on Monday or Friday. Fight the battle of the balking with Martini Monday. (Virgin, of course – lest nobody get any work done after the 4th margarita…)
  1. Yo-Yo Friday and YoYo Ma. Now, most of us have had Yo-Yo 101 in elementary school and since retired our talents. But I’m willing to bet that in the depths of any closet (beside the Character Pajamas) is an abandoned yo-yo crying to be let out. HR can lead the charge on this one, playing the inspirational YoYo Ma and starting with Walk the Dog, then progressing to the spectacularly violent Shoot the Moon. No more will the workplace be riddled with Workplace Violence when workers can yo-yo their cares away.
  1. Take Your Cat to Work Day.  NOT the dogs, hamsters, etc.: yea, this day is for CATZ ONLY. At my estimate some 90% of the workforce has either (a) a cat at home or (b) accessibility to a loaner. Bring Dementia and King Tom to work and enjoy a workplace filled with fighting frolicking felines!

There’s lots more possibilities.

Basically (as I admonished an [unappreciative] Peanut Gallery): Take it to Work Day.

Don’t leave it at home!

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