The Aliens Have Landed!

April 26, 2012

Today’s headliner (On page 4 – where actually begins ALL truly important news, in my book):

‘Meteor Crash-Lands in Arizona’.


They SAY it’s a ‘meteor’. Think of the PANIC were they to mention that actually said ‘meteor’ was in reality (mine) the lead ship for an ALIEN INVASION!

Thus began Today’s Discussion of the News, which continued onward with Bill’s steadfast belief in the ‘meteor theory’ and my steadfast belief in the ‘Lead Ship for an Alien Invasion Commits ‘My Bad’’ theory.

Bill won with an irrefutable fact:

“The meteor WAS such because its crash-landing did NOT raise the usual warning sign “Caution – this is the Lead Ship for an Alien Invasion. DO NOT TOUCH.”

I acquiesced.

Sometimes The Peanut Gallery’s logic is simply irrefutable…

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