Stick in the Mud

April 21, 2012

Change a single letter of a word to make a brand new word, then place it in a sentence and you have a whole new interpretation of matters. Either way – you gotta understand winter weather if you wanna live in Cow Country.

Take ‘stick in the mud’, for example. This neatly defines (a) a grumpy husband (b) a stubborn goat (c) someone reluctant to try ANYTHING new and (d) a stick placed upright to indicate how deep said Mud actually is.

The latter became a scientific experiment one morning when our home ownership was still new, our move from city to country was only a few months old, and after a night of torrential rainfall transformed our then-dirt driveway into a mud pit, turning morning breakfast into a scientific debate about Depth (with apparent concern from The Latter Half revolving around something as mundane as car tires. At least, all I heard was ‘mud’, ‘stuck’ and ‘tires’ before ‘blahblahblah’ set in).

I decided to address his concern whilst the morning paper was being pursued, so by the time The Latter Half finished coffee, paper and breakfast and thought to look out the front window, it was to observe a Maginot line of sticks of varying thickness heading neatly down the side of the mud pit driveway.

Some stood straight to attention. Others, weary of the progression, sagged sideways. All of them had feets scientifically and neatly marked off in black marker pen.

It was then that ‘stuck in the mud’ came into play – quite a different scenario, for just changing a single letter.

Apparently the sticks SHOULD have begun at the same length for my experiment to actually hold validity, because SOMEBODY decided the experiment proved his feel that “the mud wasn’t REALLY that deep” and went for it in the family car.

Had it been a 4WD, there wouldn’t have been much of an issue. But let’s admit it: though staunchly American, your typical Chevy Volt will NOT fjord a sea of mud which APPARENTLY was over a foot deep in some spots. So SOMEBODY wound up “stuck in the mud.”

And instead of seeing humor in the situation, was also a STICK in the mud to the kindly AAA tow truck guy who managed to field a sea of mud to tow ‘em back into the carport, where The Latter Half sat in cool-down mode, fuming at the ‘unscientific results’ of a ‘crazed spouse’’s Stick in the Mud Experiment.

                           Whoopsie…. just a leetle miscalculation!


Whether a stick in the mud or stuck in the mud – you gotta watch the weather, come wintertime in Cow Country!

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