Money Tree

April 19, 2012

Bill caught me out in the yard the other day staring blankly at the pepper tree.

(Again, I say: do NOT ask me “what I am thinking” if you REALLY don’t wanna know the answer! Sheesh. Mom struggled with this, and now Bill …. wtf?)

Peanut Gallery: You’ve been staring at that tree for five whole minutes with a silly grin on your face – what’s going on with you???

Me: I am thinking about what grows on trees

Bill (puzzled): LEAVES grow on trees. Period. THAT IS ALL. End of story.

Me (wisely): Oh, I don’t think so….

Bill: Take it from the resident gardener around here: only leaves grow on trees. What else could grow on them??

Me (speaking from equal experience): Money, for one.

Bill: ???

Me: Yeah, Mom always was asking if I thought money grew on trees. Or socks. Or toys. And the answer was…YES. They ALL grow on trees. Profusely, even.

And I told him about Grandma, who apparently got the same query from Grandpa, but was wise enough to learn there actually WAS a ‘money tree’ just down the street, at the local nursery. And who couldn’t understand why Grandpa was SO furious when the next day a truck from Planters’ PeeWees drew up and delivered 15 small ‘money trees’ to the front door (they maintained its penny-sized and clear round-shaped blossoms led it to be popularly called a ‘money tree’. Grandma steadily maintained that yes they were small and yes they cost money NOW…but down the line, they would MORE than grow into the profit category…so they were an INVESTMENT, not an expense.)

So I was raised believing that MUCH more than leaves grew on trees.

Indeed, to help things along, one day I performed a leetle money-hanging act on Grandma’s finest with the aid of a needle, some thin green thread, and a few $1 bills. You could hear Grandma’s screams of joy ALLLLL the way to the street, until Grandpa uncovered the thread bit and I was unfairly implicated in the ‘miracle’.

Which is why Bill caught me in deep contemplation starting at our pepper tree…

Hoping for more

than just pepper.


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