Diane’s Downloadable Nap

April 13, 2012

Computers are miraculous things with plenty of potential for amazement and lots of email connection with friends.

Couple that with my own innate ability to see beyond the ordinary when responding to a friend’s simple email statement and you have yet another dialogue that on the face of it begins logically, but moves quickly into the field deemed ‘insanity’.

H. was to go to an evening concert with me in another town, and her early morning mention of “I need a MAP” seemed quite logical to those of us who readily admit to being Geographically Challenged.

Seeking to reassure her that I had indeed Thought of Everything, I responded somewhat smugly:

“I printed one out! Will bring such – directions via Mapquest…but basically it’s Lakeville over to Napa.”

The response to my super-organizational skills was puzzling:

H.: ROFLMA…you printed out a nap?  Damn I need a new one printed. It would save me from being tired!!!

Totally puzzling …. until I went back to her original email to find my brain had neatly translated ‘nap’ to ‘map’.

…resulting in my final emailed instructions for any others in the same position:

Additional observations re: map/nap:

1.    I located the nap on Google.

2.    Google is well known for its superior naps.

3.    I can easily printed said nap, as I have two printers capable of producing either black-and-white or color naps.

4.    Since I get lost easily, it’s essential for me to have a good nap.

5.    Google printed naps are foldable, making them easy to tuck into a purse.

6.    I would never leave home without a nap!



PS – A Diane Snafu only equalled (the same day, with the same friend) by espying a box at Goodwill that APPARENTLY was marked ‘Video Monitor’ but translated by Moi as the much-more-interesting Zombie Monitor.

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