Ghosts of Easter Past

April 6, 2012

The very best Easter I ever had was when my young pal Marissa (and her accompanying parental units) spent Easter weekend at our house, driving some 100 miles each way to enjoy the time with us.

Being the plotter that I am – and Marissa being young enough to still believe in the Easter Bunny’s magic – I decided to have an Egg Hunt for her on The Day. I carefully assembled a range of chocolate and showy eggs and due to the wildlife outside (i.e. ants, possums, skunks, foxes, cats, raccoons), decided to hide the eggs indoors. The only problem was the family was arriving Friday for the weekend and eggs hidden by Mr. Bunny would be discovered sooner if hidden sooner – so my plot involved a 5AM rising on The Day to hop to it.

-sel / Foter


I had my basket prepared, the family was snoozing in our living room, and all I had to do was creep around the house quietly hiding eggs.

APPARENTLY the idea was popular, ‘cause when I opened my bedroom door and slunk into the darkness with my full basket, I bumped noses with none other than Alana the Bunny (a.k.a. Marissa’s Mom).

Another YouTube moment missed: two adults standing in a dark hallway hissing startled queries: “What are YOU doing here??” “No, what are YOU doing here?” “I am planting eggs for Marissa’s Egg Hunt.” “No, I am the Easter Bunny!”

All the while trying not to awaken a small child and two hubbies snoozing all ‘round us.

By process of collaboration it was decided I would ‘do indoors’ and Alana, as she had more plastic eggs filled with stuffs, would brave the skunks, possums, raccoons and cats and ‘do’ the outdoors.

All I can say is: Marissa decided our house was The Bomb when it came to Easter. I ‘splained to her that living in the country, our Easter Bunny was not only a prolific egg pooper, but magically hopped indoors AND outdoors. She was duly impressed and apparently told her entire classroom the next day that Country Bunnies poop a LOT more than the urban kind. Riight…you tell ‘em, Miss M!

Then there was the next year when we held am Easter party and The Bunny Himself made a personal appearance (a neighbor’s tame wabbit, which Miss M. got to HOLD). Once again Marissa was the queen of her class the next day when she told everyone Himself made a personal appearance at Diane’s Easter Party.


Ah, livin’ in the country. Can’t be beat!

Eggs, anyone??

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