March 26, 2012

…often I am asked what kinds of conversations occur between folk who have endured lived with each other for over 35 years.

I present a Real-life conversion last nite, to wit:

Bill (excitedly): come in here and see this!

Moi (unexcitedly): I’ve already visited the television set 3x in the last half hour and I am willing to bet this is SO not funny.

Bill (who knows how to attract me): OH – this is SO you! You gotta see this!

In the interests of learning exactly what I am being accused of now (because a little knowledge is NOT a dangerous thing, but ammunition for any ensuring war games), I enter the Glow Chamber Room just in time to observe, in its entirety, an admittedly unerringly accurate video of moi in action:


Moi (indignantly): …are you callin’ me a pig?

Bill (smugly and – to his mind – lovingly): …if the snout fits…fatso.

A ‘discussion’ quickly evolves with flagrant accusations deftly flying surrounding: meal quantities, fat contents, dubious food pyramids and choices, nutritional values, pots ‘n black kettles, obvious hoggy attitudes and activities …. and anything BUT enthusiasm for life.

Or Geico.

Pure. Adrenalin.

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