Mom may have accused me frequently; but I never liked the notion that I was “heading in the wrong direction.” No matter what her impetus for identifying my geographic inclination.

I was heading in a direction, all right.

Possibly even ‘misguided’ (by her other people’s standards).

But ‘wrong’ was a BIG judgment call: one I absolutely refused to consider.

According to Diane’s Math, ALL directions are at least potentially ‘right’.


1.    Any given direction holds potential for Awesome

2.    Today’s ‘good’ direction is tomorrow’s ‘bad’ one – it’s a subjective, ever-changing variable

3.    ANY direction is better than NO direction

4.    If the road I am on is the ‘wrong’ one – who has the wisdom to point out the ‘right’ one?

5.    MOM’s idea of ‘direction’ may not be the same definition as MY direction…

(the sines aren’t ALWAYS right…)

So Mom, you can say:

. I am ‘going’ somewhere.

. That I am ‘heading for awesome’ (MY interpretation).

. That the direction I am headed concludes with ‘there be dragons’ at their edges (…in which case I am likely to move even faster, just to investigate!).


Seriously. I think not.

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