It’s (Not) A Butte!

March 22, 2012

Spelling IS a portent important!

A geographic puzzle emerged on the recent Diane’s Covered Bridge Journey upon viewing a map that showed a rise of jagged-peaked mountains in the middle of the flat valley, cartographically described as “buttes”.

Here’s where Basic Spelling is sooo important.

I contend that some Early Explorer, having forded a blazing hot central valley, came upon this jagged outcropping and exclaimed:

“What a BEAUT!”

      A real BUTTE, allright…


Cartographer Craig duly noted “Butte” on his Definitive Map. Where is where California’s Butte County gets its name today.

In actually it is an inactive volcano CALDERA, as evidenced by the boulders flung all around the parameters of this basin-shaped ‘beaut’.

Now, doesn’t ‘Caldera County’ sound soooo much nicer??

Spelling counts.

Just sayin’…

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