Cheap Eats

March 10, 2012

…so my bff and I are lookin’ at Yosemite or Lassen Park for Spring and speakin’ on yurt accommodations  when suddenly the Untouchable Topic arises like a big white elephant in the previously pastoral room.


Oh, it begins innocently enough: with a discussion on whether Bearz are present during the LOW SEASON when accommodations such as tent camps are more affordable, or HIGH SEASON, when the specter of ‘family camping’ rears its ugly head.

Myself, I ponder the possibility of a May-awakening Bear and the likelihood of yurt renters assuming the appearance of delicious Eskimo Pies. You know: creamy on the inside and crunchy on the outside.         

By June Bearz have likely feasted on The Cheapskates and are, sadly, simply too satiated for small children, Chihuahuas and family campers. So insists the Optimistic Very Small Print in the National Parks Brochure (to be read with the imagination.)

My bff kindly says she can run faster than me – which is all that really counts in this equation.

Myself: I maintain that California bearz are likely vegans or vegetarians – thus rendering the entire ‘eat on demand’ question mote.

Either way the dilemma remains: choose the off-season (up to Memorial Day weekend) and welcome hungry arising bears with a suddenly-flimsy-seeming (yet more affordable) yurt accommodation; or opt for the high season when the mere presence of rug rats and grabbers will assure easier pickins’ for any sensible Ursula.

Being safety-conscious, I am packing my Skate Tennis Shoes and opting for Emergency Plan B in the event of a need for a quick get-away and an altruistic opportunity to provide Remote Assistance to the victim.

Sorry, bff….

But, the scenery was superb and the accommodations AFFORDABLE!

If not stomach-growling…

Bon Appetit!

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