KittyKitty and Fetch

February 17, 2012

A good friend’s acquisition of a puppy and her fun invitation to help her think up name possibilities has, much in the way of the well-intentioned Frankenstein, produced a monster.

I’m not sure her good-natured request anticipated the barrage of name possibilities Yours Truly provided.

Even more frightening, her admitted preference for ‘human-sounding’ names both limited possibilities and opened up a virtual trap door of creative impulses leading to a viper pit of dangerous name pairings (i.e. exciting, but deadly).

Disclaimer: I would NEVER be like Some People and actually pin this on a human. Case in point: Bill’s childhood friends the Rabbit family with son Peter and his sister Bunny. (THIS IS REAL – JUST ASK BILL!). So why would I even THINK of such for a Fur Person? Because they have more of a sense of humor. Just ASK them!)

For a girl dog I posited:

Sophia Loren

Jenny Craig

Betty Page

Betty Davis

Names I didn’t quite dare posit but sure did think a lot about:

Martha Stewart

Sarah Pee (…whose impact would likely fade as political climate changed….)

LM’s preference for Luna – also my first choice – was so strong that I didn’t even mention MY take on the matter – which always involves a memorable middle name you can either include or leave out, at will.

Thus those frustrating moments of puppyhood can result in the two-name “you’re in trouble now” cry of:


(…just imagine running down the road after your errant canine screaming “LUNATIC! LUNATIC!”)

But my bff worked with me at cooking up SUCH winners it made me want to hit the pound JUST to apply the names.

For a dog:  KittyKitty

For a cat: Fetch

I am convinced my life would be complete with KittyKitty and Fetch in residence.

The Peanut Gallery is NOT. When I rested my case he pointed out the resulting rampant confusion would involve not just said animals and the entire household, but the ENTIRE outside world as well.


I rest MY case.

aroid / Foter


Here, Kittykitty. FETCH!

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