Yesterday  I Crawled Out of My Box for a sadly unheralded national holiday.

Yes, my passion to celebrate World Nutella Day led to an online research on Nutella Ice Cream – uncovering a hidden ice cream place I’d never known about, located not-too-far away in Cotati: Swirl Time.

So my bff and I embarked on a journey there for its famous Nutella Gelato, camera in hand. Apparently there was a run on Nutella for World Nutella Day: no Nutella Gelato in sight. I was crushed; but my bff espied the alluring Peach Mango Ice Cream and the counter boy – who was in hysterics over my loud proclamation that we had arrived to Celebrate World Nutella Day – helpfully pointed out the flask of Nutella Sauce at the counter.

What the heck. If you’re handed lemons (or in this case, Peach Mango Ice Cream), go ahead and MAKE SOMETHING OF ‘EM.

So we imbibed in the Peach Mango. With Nutella on top (thus I neatly deflowered my Nuttella Virgin companion with a single swipe of the Nutella Flask atop Peach Mango. And a few raspberries thrown in for Good Measure. Parden the chocolately image. ) Whilst the counterboy laughed, apparently pleased for a bit of joie de vivre in his usually mundane day of calculating yogurt ounces at the checkout counter.

And that’s how World Nutella Day celebrations changed our lives: we found a new place we’ll return to.

Nutella or not.

Crawl out of your box. It WILL change your world, I promise….. even if no Nutella is involved.

Happy Day After Nutella Day!

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