I like choosing birthday cards with meaning. Special meaning. Even when that meaning reflects the obvious insanity of its giver Post-Xmas.

I have a ‘birthday card box’ of amazing images just so I can have variety to choose from, for that Special Occasion.

Our good friend John’s birthday was/is December 24th. Poor guy. Imagine a lifetime of competing for gifting attention the day before Xmas! I can only imagine the traumas endlessly inflicted by xmas wrap with “for your birthday too” scribbled on them by givers too pooped to separate Xmas and birthday celebrations, thinking a simultaneous ‘two for one’ battleplan would suffice…

So this year I rifled through my Birthday Cards box looking for something a little special for John – who opted to spend his holidays in Palm Springs this year.

I spent 30 minutes carefully considering the available choices and finally chose the perfect card….

Diane (proudly displaying the card to Bill): HERE – the PERFECT card for John this year!

Bill (looking puzzled): ….an OCEAN?

Diane (walking right into the Lion’s Den): Correct! It’s to celebrate his choice of spending his birthday in Southern California this year! What better image than an OCEAN?

Bill (stifling a snicker): I have NO CLUE as to what an OCEAN has to do with Palm Springs?

Diane (snottily): well, DUH! Come on: Southern California….: Surfers? Warm waters? Beaches? Work with me here!

Bill (now rolling): Palm Springs brings to mind more of an – ah – DESERT atmosphere.

(pregnant pause. I look suitably blank. After all – I WENT to Palm Springs just this Spring).

Bill: YOU know …. as in: Palm trees? Desert sands? Scorpions?

Diane (huffily): FINE. I’ll PICK SOMETHING ELSE…


Geographically Disinclined

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