December 24, 2011

I confess to awakening this morning with a ‘tweaked’ shoulder thinking longingly of the benefits of massage and wishing the Night Before Xmas brought with it an in-home masseuse (riiight: Santa, just dropoff the gifts and get your big butt over here…)

So when my latest ‘Viewpon’ coupon appeared with the heading ‘Magical Massage’, I was a bit more than intrigued, hoping for a Massage Elf Xmas Eve kinda Magical Appearance.

What I wasn’t expecting was a different kind of offer … something created by the Gods of Dining who had deemed your usual massage setting waaaay 2 ordinary, and who decided to create something entirely different:

Magical Massage

Massage & Facial in

 a Wine Barrel

A host of questions immediately sprung to mind:

  1. Do I stick my face in the wine barrel, or does ‘everything go in’. If so – do oxygen masks automatically drop? (I tend towards a bit of claustrophobia in small enclosed spaces so it better be one of those big-gallon vats before I’m sticking anything anywhere…)
  2. Is a glass of wine provided – or do I just  savor the smell and feel of Chardonnay on my body during the course of a Wine Barrel Massage?
  3. Can I choose the vintage and grape, or is it ‘one wine fits all’?
  4. Is this a PORTABLE feast, like the French apparently do?:

Too intrigued for words, I decided to Look It Up. And (as usual) reality is FAR more mundane than my imagination.

The Wine Massage Offering comes from a couple of wine aficionados who apparently fell on hard times and decided to move into their wine barrel… which I think is an AWESOME idea. (It brings to mind a HOST of ‘alternative housing’ I can contemplate if harder times befall me.)

It’s like a yurt for drinkers. Go figger!

The Wine Barrel Massage Offer: it’s a moveable feast ….with YOU as the wine flight.

Chardonnay, anyone??


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