December 22, 2011

There is NOTHING more satisfying-feeling than dragging your friends into your insane vision of wonder ….uh, I mean: creating a fun event for everyone and having them go along with it, then virtually explode with delight. ESPECIALLY at the Howlidaze.

And it TRULY ‘took two to tango’ on this one; ‘cause were it not for friend Susan finding the Coveted Sleigh Ride, we’d be back at square one with my annual ‘let’s go LOOK AT LIGHTS’ idea – which, of necessity, involves one driver not getting the ultimate experience.

But yup, Susan found the Horse and Sleigh, figgered that if 6 of us went the cost would reduce to $25pp, and we went and ran with the idea (…or, in this case, rode with it….)

‘Twas also Susan’s idea for the Hot Chocolate and Peppermint Schnapps beforehand – and she EVEN remembered the whipped cream! OH what heaven: I am NOT a peppermint fan I will be blogging on Peppermint next year*), but found myself a convert to the combo, with the ‘served on the car hood’ feel especially unique and appropriate:

(…luckily the Novato Police never came by ‘cause Susan’s valid liquor license would’ve been in question…)

The night ‘twas clear, crisp but not freezing, no wind or rain – just PERFECT. As the sleigh drew up, decorated with lights, one lone voice from the Peanut Gallery (a.k.a. Bill) piped up for an astoundingly typical memorable comment: “Is there a BATHROOM on board???”

(…doesn’t look like it, Bill.)

With no further ado (and one lost glove via Bill) we were OFF.

(One Glove. The Horsies hadn’teven made it a block…)

Clippity-clopping down the suburban streets of Novato alongside the rush hour SUVs, we got met with as much excitement as the more-famous (but vastly overdone) Sandy Claws. Small children oohed and aahed and rushed out to give us Candy Canes. Calls of ‘Merry Xmas’ from dogwalkers and parents abounded. We even espied Character Pajamas (…Heidi…) in abundance! (…NOW you know what you can do with those holiday character pjs! Gofindasleigh and greet it!)

Wrapped in triple layers of jackets, gloves, scarves and hats and one of us (…who shall be unnamed: guess whoo) with pjs under his clothing, we were toasty. (A leopard-skin blanket was provided and I could just see Susan mirroring my covetous thoughts about it. OK PETA, I admit to a bit of subliminal Animalskin Envy…)

We saw AMAZING yard scenes – all at a leisurely clip(clop):

(…we got the sleigh, Santa takes da train.What’s WRONG with this picture??)

But any of you who know my penchant for the recently-resurrected Xmas Penguin will realize how HEAVENLY I felt at the repeated sights of Holiday Penguins.

March of the Penguins had NUTTIN on this display:

(…there is something awesomely festive about March of the Lighted Penguins, a scene that rates right up there with the Nativity, in my book!)

Indeed, I was Diane in Wonderland:

(…at the risk of a face-off with the Penguin Police, I entered the display…)

And even The Grinch discovered wonder at the amazingly insane Holiday House, where EVERY ROOM was PACKED with holiday decorations:

(…grudgingly last out of the wagon, but not last to Wonder!)


(…as one who can lately barely climb up on a stool, the specter of ceilings ENTIRELY DECORATED created a personal experience of Shock and Awe…)

Myself, I totally appreciated the whimsy peppered in with the Traditional Xmas Imagery:

(anyone who can blend bathroom lessons with Santa HAS MY VOTE!)

As we clipclopped back, the horses became a tad agitated. Perhaps the steady influx of candycanes from the kids wasn’t on their diet plan; or maybe they just were sick of Diane’s steady screams (“LOOKAT THE PENGUINS!!!!!!!!!!!!AAAHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!”)

(Horses: “Can you board QUICK beforethat insane Penguin Lover returns???”)

At any rate, this MADE the holiday season – THANK YOU SUSAN for discovering the Horse-Drawn Sleigh. (Through suburban Novato, a.k.a. SUVland: WHO woulda figgered it???)

A GREAT time was had by ALL: 2012 is gonna be AWESOME*:









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